Joo Chiat SMC [1-MP]

22,069 electors
18,878 valid votes
PAP 9,630 (51.01%)
WP 9,248 (48.99%)
314 rejected (1.64%)

Marine Parade GRC [5-MP]

154,451 electors
138,015 valid votes
PAP 78,182 (56.65%)
NSP 59,833 (43.35%)
3,080 rejected (2.18%)
Ivan Yeo
Spencer Ng
Abdul Salim Harun
Nicole Seah
Cheo Chai Chen

East Coast GRC [5-MP]

120,324 electors
109,237 valid votes
PAP 59,895 (54.83%)
WP 49,342 (45.17%)
1,847 rejected (1.66%)

Tampines GRC [5-MP]

137,532 electors
127,001 valid votes
PAP 72,664 (57.22%)
NSP 54,337 (42.78%)
3,074 rejected (2.36%)
Goh Meng Seng
Gilbert Goh
Raymond Lim
Syafarin Sarif
Reno Fong

Punggol East SMC [1-MP]

Lee Li Lian vs Dr Koh Poh Koon vs Kenneth Jeyaretnam vs Desmond Lim
29,415 valid votes
WP 16,038 (54.52%)
PAP 12,856 (43.71%)
RP 353 (1.20%)
SDA 168 (0.57%)
417 rejected
33,281 electors
31,120 valid votes
PAP 16,969 (54.53%)
WP 12,765 (41.02%)
SDA 1,386 (4.45%)
551 rejected (1.74%)
Desmond Lim

Mountbatten SMC [1-MP]

23,731 electors
20,401 valid votes
PAP 11,965 (58.65%)
NSP 8,436 (41.35%)
418 rejected (2.01%)

Hougang SMC [1-MP]

Png Eng Huat vs Desmond Choo
21,657 valid votes
WP 13,447 (62.09%)
PAP 8,210 (37.91%)
294 rejected
24,560 electors
22,886 valid votes
WP 14,833 (64.81%)
PAP 8,053 (35.19%)
261 rejected (1.13%)
Yaw Shin Leong

Potong Pasir SMC [1-MP]

17,327 electors
15,832 valid votes
PAP 7,973 (50.36%)
SPP 7,859 (49.64%)
242 rejected (1.51%)

Aljunied GRC [5-MP]

143,148 electors
131,897 valid votes
WP 72,165 (54.71%)
PAP 59,732 (45.29%)
1,788 rejected (1.34%)

Moulmein-Kallang GRC [4-MP]

87,595 electors
76,549 valid votes
PAP 44,828 (58.56%)
WP 31,721 (41.44%)
1,659 rejected (2.12%)

Whampoa SMC [1-MP]

21,631 electors
19,687 valid votes
PAP 13,015 (66.11%)
NSP 8,436 (33.89%)
488 rejected (2.42%)
Ken Sun

Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC [5-MP]

122,492 electors
109,374 valid votes
PAP 62,282 (56.94%)
SPP 47,092 (43.06%)
2,085 rejected (1.87%)

Sengkang West SMC [1-MP]

26,882 electors
25,252 valid votes
PAP 14,667 (58.08%)
WP 10,585 (41.92%)
437 rejected (1.70%)

Nee Soon GRC [5-MP]

148,290 electors
138,141 valid votes
PAP 80,659 (58.39%)
WP 57,482 (41.61%)
2,341 rejected (1.67%)

Sembawang GRC [5-MP]

142,459 electors
131,763 valid votes
PAP 84,185 (63.89%)
SDP 47,578 (36.11%)
3,290 rejected (2.44%)

Radin Mas SMC [1-MP]

31,014 electors
27,701 valid votes
PAP 18,591 (67.11%)
NSP 9,110 (32.89%)
669 rejected (2.36%)

West Coast GRC [5-MP]

121,045 electors
108,860 valid votes
PAP 72,465 (66.57%)
RP 36,395 (33.43%)
2,820 rejected (2.53%)

Chua Chu Kang GRC [5-MP]

158,648 electors
146,422 valid votes
PAP 89,605 (61.20%)
NSP 56,817 (38.80%)
3,061 rejected (2.05%)

Hong Kah North SMC [1-MP]

27,696 electors
25,702 valid votes
PAP 18,149 (70.61%)
SPP 7,553 (29.39%)
573 rejected (2.18%)

Pioneer SMC [1-MP]

25,745 electors
20,401 valid votes
PAP 14,581 (60.73%)
NSP 9,430 (39.27%)
446 rejected (1.82%)
Steve Chia

Jurong GRC [5-MP]

125,276 electors
114,223 valid votes
PAP 76,489 (66.96%)
NSP 37,734 (33.04%)
2,703 rejected (2.31%)
Ong Hock Siong
Noraini Yunus
Christopher Neo
Abdul Rasheed Abdul Kuthus
Elvin Ong

Yuhua SMC [1-MP]

23,199 electors
21,058 valid votes
PAP 14,081 (58.08%)
SDP 6,977 (41.92%)
530 rejected (2.46)

Bukit Panjang SMC [1-MP]

33,049 electors
30,711 valid votes
PAP 20,349 (66.26%)
SDP 10,362 (33.74%)
744 rejected (2.37%)

Holland-Bukit Timah GRC [4-MP]

91,607 electors
81,004 valid votes
PAP 48,682 (60.10%)
SDP 32,322 (39.90%)
1,719 rejected (2.08%)

SG Electoral Map

SG Electoral Map Javascript

SG Historical Maps

SG Electoral Map 2011

  • Enter an address, postal code or even a building name in the above textbox to check which Singapore constituency it belongs to. Look at as many locations as desired. For the best accuracy, make sure the placemarker is placed correctly at your target address.
  • Nomination Day (April 27) has passed and now all candidates are officially confirmed. Polling Day is on the 7th of May.
  • Click on the constituency names or party logos to perform a Google search.
  • Click on candidates' names to find out more about them.
  • Change the colour scheme (size of GRC and candidacy of opposition parties) by using the Filter buttons on the maps.
  • The blue markers map out where the Singapore election rallies are to be held, and the red ones show which are active on the day itself or the next day. Check out gothere.sg for site directions.
  • Further intensity mapping shows where the marginal seats are (blue as safest and red as most closely contested), as well as the voter turnout for each precinct (deepest blue as highest % turnout).

Disclaimer: This is not an official Singapore electoral map, so use of the address finder may not show your true constituency (especially at the boundaries). Log in with your SingPass to make sure.

Other great Singapore elections sites -  Singapore GE2011 Tracker, It's Party Time!, onefiveseven, loudspeaker, Orwellian: #sgelections.


  1. oh gee...

    I wonder which party is going to win?
    Robert Mugabe, Lee Kuan Kew, Kim Jong Il, Gadaffi...

  2. If the constituency labels/candidate's names could link to a non-partisan source if possible, e.g. their page on Wikipedia, then it might be a better source of information.

  3. Great site! Can you draw up the electoral map of previous elections too? It'd be great if we can make a comparison. I wanna to see how far the gerrymandering has gone.

    1. good suggestion!

      also, how do i maximise/expand the map ah? the viewing area a bit small right? i remember last election somebody did a google map also, and it filled up the whole browser space.

  4. Under Nee Soon GRC, WP have only named 4 candidates. Who is going to be the last one ?

  5. @Anonymous 1:55AM: unfortunately there are no truly non-partisan sites in politics lol, so the next best thing (imho) is just direct ppl to the source and let them think for themselves.

    @thinkthink: that has been in my mind from the start. it's pretty hard to get an accurate approximation of the electoral boundaries from 5 years back, not to mention the time and presentation issues. i might just have thought of a simpler solution, so look out for it.

    In any case, the next big update will be information on rally sites and confirmation on all candidates on Nomination Day.

  6. do you have the overlay for the 2006 electoral map as well?

  7. @SGMaps: Will be waiting, and keep up the excellent work! :)

  8. I think AMK GRC wrong??? I thought it's RP contesting at AMK instead of SPP.

  9. @Anon 5:34pm, duly noted, apologies for the mistake and all other inaccuracies. Everything will be fully confirmed at close of nomination. A lot of big news coming in, Aljunied is one to watch!

  10. Huh. Hillview Avenue is now in CCK GRC? I thought It's Holland- Bukit Pangjang GRC. Oh my I'm confused.

  11. @Styles, was it Holland-Bukit Timah during the last election or do you actually get Holland-Bukit Timah GRC when you check through the electoral rolls at www.electoral.gov.sg? I'm pretty certain that CCK GRC is bounded by Upper Bukit Timah Road, but have to clarify this. Thanks.

  12. Good site. Thanks for the good work.

  13. Woah, this website is way better than the official one in my opinion, thanks dude.

  14. i thought that pasir ris punggol grc will be a 3 way contest?

  15. Hi there,

    Your map is amazing indeed! At one click, we can see which constituency does each street/building belong to.

    But on your map, can you check the boundary between Mountbatten SMC and Marine Parade GRC?

    I think the boundary should run along Dunman Road, then South-Eastwards to the west of Marshall Road, then along the canal at the western perimeter of Paramount Hotel and Cote D Azur condominium, before finally hitting the sea coast.

  16. Hi anon, thanks for that, good catch. Weird mistake to make since the erroneous boundary didn't even follow the roads. Probably too used to thinking that the roundabout is in Marine Parade; bet there are tons of Mountbatten candidate posters stuck there now though.

    Hope there are no other errors, but if anyone else does spot them, please let me know.

  17. Pedra Branca next time will be which GRC?
    Are they gonna reclaim all the way there?

  18. This website is really useful to check which GRC/SMC you belong to, and what i liked most is that it's updated!
    *thumbs up*

  19. Hi Can you advice if this map is develop by you?
    I do have projects I am not sure if you keen to explore?
    How can I contact you?

  20. Hi bryan, yes I made this map. I would be interested depending on the project. You can reach me through -- singaporemaps at gmail.com

  21. thanks for updating the map to the latest
    after Punggol East By Election 2013

  22. After the Punggol East by election,I now believe that PAP's nationwide support has gone below the 60% mark,to at least 58%.

    It's poetic justice for the opposition WP to win the by-election.Remember the opposition was cheated of a seat when the highly unpopular Tin Pei Ling got a shoo in by riding on Goh Chok Tong's coattails.

  23. Radin Mas and Whampa SMCs are good political battle fields for 'on the ball' walk the talk Opposition candidates to fight in this coming GE2015/16.

    A very strong Opposition candidates who could complete 100 blocks of house visits within 3 months cycle of 2 rounds before GE2015/16, stand a better chance to win if they pledge to be a full time MP doing a daily Meet The People Session and one block per day house visits.

    That will put them on a very high profile of a Parliamentary Candidates against the two incumbants.

    Sam Tan(Radin Mas)and Heng Chee How(Whampa)are both PAP veterans.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

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