Joo Chiat SMC [1-MP]

22,069 electors
18,878 valid votes
PAP 9,630 (51.01%)
WP 9,248 (48.99%)
314 rejected (1.64%)

Marine Parade GRC [5-MP]

154,451 electors
138,015 valid votes
PAP 78,182 (56.65%)
NSP 59,833 (43.35%)
3,080 rejected (2.18%)
Ivan Yeo
Spencer Ng
Abdul Salim Harun
Nicole Seah
Cheo Chai Chen

East Coast GRC [5-MP]

120,324 electors
109,237 valid votes
PAP 59,895 (54.83%)
WP 49,342 (45.17%)
1,847 rejected (1.66%)

Tampines GRC [5-MP]

137,532 electors
127,001 valid votes
PAP 72,664 (57.22%)
NSP 54,337 (42.78%)
3,074 rejected (2.36%)
Goh Meng Seng
Gilbert Goh
Raymond Lim
Syafarin Sarif
Reno Fong

Punggol East SMC [1-MP]

Lee Li Lian vs Dr Koh Poh Koon vs Kenneth Jeyaretnam vs Desmond Lim
29,415 valid votes
WP 16,038 (54.52%)
PAP 12,856 (43.71%)
RP 353 (1.20%)
SDA 168 (0.57%)
417 rejected
33,281 electors
31,120 valid votes
PAP 16,969 (54.53%)
WP 12,765 (41.02%)
SDA 1,386 (4.45%)
551 rejected (1.74%)
Desmond Lim

Mountbatten SMC [1-MP]

23,731 electors
20,401 valid votes
PAP 11,965 (58.65%)
NSP 8,436 (41.35%)
418 rejected (2.01%)

Hougang SMC [1-MP]

Png Eng Huat vs Desmond Choo
21,657 valid votes
WP 13,447 (62.09%)
PAP 8,210 (37.91%)
294 rejected
24,560 electors
22,886 valid votes
WP 14,833 (64.81%)
PAP 8,053 (35.19%)
261 rejected (1.13%)
Yaw Shin Leong

Potong Pasir SMC [1-MP]

17,327 electors
15,832 valid votes
PAP 7,973 (50.36%)
SPP 7,859 (49.64%)
242 rejected (1.51%)

Aljunied GRC [5-MP]

143,148 electors
131,897 valid votes
WP 72,165 (54.71%)
PAP 59,732 (45.29%)
1,788 rejected (1.34%)

Moulmein-Kallang GRC [4-MP]

87,595 electors
76,549 valid votes
PAP 44,828 (58.56%)
WP 31,721 (41.44%)
1,659 rejected (2.12%)

Whampoa SMC [1-MP]

21,631 electors
19,687 valid votes
PAP 13,015 (66.11%)
NSP 8,436 (33.89%)
488 rejected (2.42%)
Ken Sun

Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC [5-MP]

122,492 electors
109,374 valid votes
PAP 62,282 (56.94%)
SPP 47,092 (43.06%)
2,085 rejected (1.87%)

Sengkang West SMC [1-MP]

26,882 electors
25,252 valid votes
PAP 14,667 (58.08%)
WP 10,585 (41.92%)
437 rejected (1.70%)

Nee Soon GRC [5-MP]

148,290 electors
138,141 valid votes
PAP 80,659 (58.39%)
WP 57,482 (41.61%)
2,341 rejected (1.67%)

Sembawang GRC [5-MP]

142,459 electors
131,763 valid votes
PAP 84,185 (63.89%)
SDP 47,578 (36.11%)
3,290 rejected (2.44%)

Radin Mas SMC [1-MP]

31,014 electors
27,701 valid votes
PAP 18,591 (67.11%)
NSP 9,110 (32.89%)
669 rejected (2.36%)

West Coast GRC [5-MP]

121,045 electors
108,860 valid votes
PAP 72,465 (66.57%)
RP 36,395 (33.43%)
2,820 rejected (2.53%)

Chua Chu Kang GRC [5-MP]

158,648 electors
146,422 valid votes
PAP 89,605 (61.20%)
NSP 56,817 (38.80%)
3,061 rejected (2.05%)

Hong Kah North SMC [1-MP]

27,696 electors
25,702 valid votes
PAP 18,149 (70.61%)
SPP 7,553 (29.39%)
573 rejected (2.18%)

Pioneer SMC [1-MP]

25,745 electors
20,401 valid votes
PAP 14,581 (60.73%)
NSP 9,430 (39.27%)
446 rejected (1.82%)
Steve Chia

Jurong GRC [5-MP]

125,276 electors
114,223 valid votes
PAP 76,489 (66.96%)
NSP 37,734 (33.04%)
2,703 rejected (2.31%)
Ong Hock Siong
Noraini Yunus
Christopher Neo
Abdul Rasheed Abdul Kuthus
Elvin Ong

Yuhua SMC [1-MP]

23,199 electors
21,058 valid votes
PAP 14,081 (58.08%)
SDP 6,977 (41.92%)
530 rejected (2.46)

Bukit Panjang SMC [1-MP]

33,049 electors
30,711 valid votes
PAP 20,349 (66.26%)
SDP 10,362 (33.74%)
744 rejected (2.37%)

Holland-Bukit Timah GRC [4-MP]

91,607 electors
81,004 valid votes
PAP 48,682 (60.10%)
SDP 32,322 (39.90%)
1,719 rejected (2.08%)

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Punggol-East By-election 2013

Another year, another by-election. This time it was a weird echo of the previous Hougang by-election, as the MP Michael Palmer stepped down due to an extra-marital affair. Results also favoured the same party, with Lee Li Lian of the Workers' Party winning 16,038 or 54.52% of the valid votes, while Dr Koh Poh Koon of the People's Action Party received 12,856 or 43.71% of the votes. Reform Party's Kenneth Jeyaretnam and Singapore Democratic Alliance's Desmond Lim did not fare as well, taking 353 (1.20%) and 168 (0.57%) of the votes respectively. Of note, there were more rejected votes (417 or 1.39%) than what each losing opposition candidate had.

Voter turnout of 29,832 was lower than that of the 2011 election, but still gave the Workers' Party a huge 13% vote swing.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hougang By-election 2012

Results of the Hougang By-election 2012 have been announced. Png Eng Huat of the Workers' Party recorded a win over Desmond Choo of the People's Action Party, getting 13,447 votes (62.09%) against 8,210 votes (37.91%). Interestingly, PAP only gained an additional 145 votes, given that Hougang's electorate actually shrunk from 23,176 registered voters in 2011 to 21,657 in 2012.

Results of the 2011 elections in the map are slightly outdated since overseas results were not yet included. Might change it if I feel inclined.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Voting Results

Well, the Singapore General Election 2011 has come to a close, with most polling results final, save for the overseas votes. Sadly as expected, it turned out to be a whitewash for PAP, except for Hougang SMC and a historic Aljunied GRC win going to the Workers' Party. The map of constituencies have been updated to show the winner of each.

There's also a bit more visual analysis of the polls. I wish I could do more, but most of the data such as the results for individual precincts in the GRCs are pretty closely guarded and not widely released to the public. Further intensity mapping shows where the marginal seats are (blue as safest and red as most closely contested), as well as the voter turnout for each precinct (deepest blue as highest % turnout). Joo Chiat SMC had the lowest voter turnout at 87%, which is especially disappointing since a significant difference to the final results could have been made had the extra 2000 voters showed up at the polls.

Interestingly the most number of spoilt votes come from PAP's Ang Mo Kio GRC. Could this indicate a sign of unhappiness with both teams?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Singapore Rally Sites

Ok, rally sites have been published. If you want to know where the Singapore rally sites are, and what's being held, try out the new map. The red markers indicate active rallies that will be held for the current day or the day after. It's funny to note that some constituencies just don't have a big enough areas/fields to hold rallies, so they end up being held in neighbouring constituencies (see Aljunied and Radin Mas among others). I hope the loading time hasn't slowed down after all these updates.

Close of Nomination

After an exciting couple of hours, with form mixups, disqualifications and objections galore, the party candidates have finally been confirmed after being offically nominated. Unfortunately, not all seats will be contested, and PAP wins Tanjong Pagar GRC through a walkover.

Check out the new updated map, an all-in-one stop to look up your Singapore constituency (GRC/SMC) and candidates.

Next update will be about the rally sites once they are announced.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Updated Links

Looks like a big uproar since the dissolution of Parliament. As more and more candidates are being introduced, knowing who's running in your constituency is not enough. We need to know who our candidates are too.

To be as unbiased and non-partisan as possible, I'm linking to candidates' official websites where present (even if a lot of them are Facebook pages). PAP's GE website does provide quite a bit of background information on their candidates, but rather annoyingly they failed to disable the auto-playing of video.

Also, thanks to everybody who facebooked, tweeted, mailed or posted this map around. Information is key. No one should go to the polls without knowing what and whom they're voting for.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Candidate Updates

Worked a little too long on this update than I would have liked, since I still can't find the source of the occasional bug. But since the good outweighs the bad, released it shall be. Search for your address and have a look at the parties and candidates contesting your local constituency.